Hurricane Damage

A hurricane is a storm with a violent wind, in particular a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean. There are several ways in which hurricanes cause damage.  Their high winds not only tear buildings apart on their own, but also can cause objects to strike and damage a building.

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hurricaneAdditionally, hurricanes spawn tornadoes which also have the potential for causing extensive damage to buildings.  Hurricanes also generate floods and other water damage as a result of the rain that they bring to the affected area.  Lastly, because of the extent of damage done to an area’s infrastructure, it can take time for an area to get to a point where operations can be resumed.

Damage from a hurricane also generates many insurance claims.  Your insurance company will handle this increased volume by bringing adjusters from out of the area to handle your claim.  Some of these people will be employees of your insurance company, but many will be brought in on a contract basis and will only be representing your insurance company during the time the increased case load is being processed and will leave shortly thereafter.

In either case, they will be pressured to process the increased case load and close files as quickly as possible.  This means that any repair estimates generated for them will only be looked over to see if they are properly prepared, and a payment will be generated based on the estimate.  If the basis for the estimate is wrong, for example it is prepared on the assumption that the lowest quality materials will be used to repair damage of higher quality material, you will be left with not enough money to repair the damage.

In addition, insurance companies have placed language in their policies to limit or preclude coverage for hurricane losses.  Should the overloaded adjuster not properly investigate or understand all that is going on with the claim, he or she may deny coverage even if the facts show that the loss was covered.

We are public adjusters with over 40 years of combined experience, and are based locally.  We will use that experience to represent you to get the maximum possible settlement by and utilizing our knowledge of how the policy works to make sure you get what you need to repair your building and repair or replace any damaged property. 

We will also give you something else – the personalized attention to your claim that the insurance company won’t give you.  We will educate you about your claim, and keep you informed as to the status of your claim so you know where it stands.

Contact us for a free, no obligation evaluation of your claim and let us show you how we can maximize the value of your claim.  We can handle claims from the beginning to their final resolution, and can also work on claims that have already been closed by your insurance company, even though the amount paid is inadequate.  We can also start work on your claim at any point in between.


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