Mold Damage

A claim where mold is involved automatically becomes complex.  This is because insurance policies contain language that either excludes coverage, or limits coverage in the event of a loss caused by mold damage.

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mold-inspectionInsurance companies might not perform the thorough investigation needed for a mold claim to discover exactly what caused the loss.  Instead, insurance companies will rely language to limit the amount they pay for remediation of mold damage or deny the claim or only provide a limited amount of money to settle the claim even though other parts of the policy may provide full coverage for the loss.  Once the settlement check is issued, your insurance company will consider the claim to be closed, and you will be faced with the problem of having to perform a very expensive remediation project without sufficient funds to properly perform the repairs to your property and prevent the mold from coming back.

When a mold remediation is not done, or not done properly, two things happen.  First, the mold will return and cause additional damage.  Second, the fact there is a mold issue affects the value of your property.  Either the value will be reduced, or should it come time to sell, the buyer will place a provision in the contract requiring that the seller remediate the mold damage at the seller’s expense.  In the latter case, it will take more time to complete the sale due to the time required to negotiate that specific provision in the contract.

As public adjusters, we have the knowledge of the policy and the know how to properly investigate the facts and circumstances of the claim to identify the actual cause of the loss.  We also will work for you by serving as your advocate as we present the reasons to your insurance company why the claim is entitled to full coverage rather than limited coverage (or no coverage at all.)  We also will work for you as your advocate to get the maximum settlement possible so that you have sufficient funds to properly remove the mold damage and perform a proper remediation to your damaged property.

We are public adjusters with over 40 years of combined experience, and are based locally.  We will use that experience to represent you to get the maximum possible settlement by and utilizing our knowledge of how the policy works to make sure you get what you need to repair your building and repair or replace any damaged property. 

We will also give you something else – the personalized attention to your claim that the insurance company won’t give you.  We will educate you about your claim, and keep you informed as to the status of your claim so you know where it stands.

Contact us for a free, no obligation evaluation of your claim and let us show you how we can maximize the value of your claim.  We can handle claims from the beginning to their final resolution, and can also work on claims that have already been closed by your insurance company, even though the amount paid is inadequate.  We can also start work on your claim at any point in between.


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