Roof Leak

Roof damage can come from a wide variety of losses.  Not only can the damage be caused by fire, but it can also result from a storm, or from an object, such as a tree, falling on the roof. 

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roof-leakIn addition to damage caused to a roof, the subsequent damages may result by water intrusion going into the building and causing damage.  Another issue that comes up with the additional damage is the possibility of a mold infestation in the building as a result of water damage that is not addressed quickly.

When your insurance company wrote the policy, it may have included an endorsement that restricts coverage for the roof to specific, named causes of loss.  Your policy may also be endorsed to contain language that precludes specific types of roof damage from being covered. If your insurance company determines that the occurrence fell outside of these specific causes, or that the damage was of a type that they determine is not covered, it will deny coverage for your claim and leave you with the task of making repairs without the resources to properly make them.

If mold is involved, there is the additional issue of dealing with the mold contamination and the need to perform a proper remediation when your insurance policy has provisions that preclude or limit coverage if there is mold damage.  Again, if your insurance company denies or limits coverage for the damage due to mold, you will not have the resources to properly remediate the damage caused by the mold.

Should the loss be covered, your insurance company will settle the loss without taking into account the quality of the materials damaged and will base the settlement amount on the lowest quality materials.  This results in a claim payout that is inadequate for making the needed repairs to the building.

We are public adjusters with over 40 years of combined experience, and are based locally.  We will use that experience to represent you to get the maximum possible settlement by and utilizing our knowledge of how the policy works to make sure you get what you need to repair your building and repair or replace any damaged property. 

We will also give you something else – the personalized attention to your claim that the insurance company won’t give you.  We will educate you about your claim, and keep you informed as to the status of your claim so you know where it stands.

Contact us for a free, no obligation evaluation of your claim and let us show you how we can maximize the value of your claim.  We can handle claims from the beginning to their final resolution, and can also work on claims that have already been closed by your insurance company, even though the amount paid is inadequate.  We can also start work on your claim at any point in between.


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