Vandalism & Theft

Property can be damaged when it is attacked by vandals who are either damaging the property for the sake of damaging the property or are causing property damage in order to steal the contents inside. 

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vandalism-recoveryThere are two aspects of the claim that must be handled.  First, the damaged property needs to be repaired or replaced.  Second, the property that was stolen needs to be replaced.

Should your property be vandalized, the insurance company requires you to protect your property from any further damage. This means that you have to arrange for temporary repairs that need to be done immediately.  Insurance companies can and will challenge the bill for these repairs and the company doing the repair has the right to pursue you for the amount that was not paid – which can be substantial.

Once the temporary repairs are made, permanent repairs will need to be performed to restore the property to its original condition.  The insurance company will rely on an estimate that may not reflect the quality of the original materials used.  This can result in a payment to you that will not be sufficient to cover the cost of the repair.

The insurance company will also require two things in order to cover the stolen property.  First, they will require that you report the stolen items to the police.  They will also require evidence that the property that was stolen was yours.  The insurance company has specific requirements as to what documentation is acceptable, and if you don’t provide it, the insurance company will not cover you for the stolen items.

We are public adjusters with over 40 years of combined experience, and are based locally.  We will use that experience to represent you to get the maximum possible settlement by and utilizing our knowledge of how the policy works to make sure you get what you need to repair your building and repair or replace any damaged property. 

We will also give you something else – the personalized attention to your claim that the insurance company won’t give you.  We will educate you about your claim, and keep you informed as to the status of your claim so you know where it stands.

Contact us for a free, no obligation evaluation of your claim and let us show you how we can maximize the value of your claim.  We can handle claims from the beginning to their final resolution, and can also work on claims that have already been closed by your insurance company, even though the amount paid is inadequate.  We can also start work on your claim at any point in between.


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Steadfast Public Adjusters is headed by Justin Davis; who, along with his team, have over 40 years combined experience handling property claims on behalf of insureds like you.

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